Taste of Hungarian Flavours

Street of Hungarian Flavours

20th of August is the celebration of new bread or St. Istvan or the Constitution, it depends on who you are, how old are you and where you are come from, so lots of official program is organized to emphasize the importance of the day. That said,  the most enjoyable part of the celebration is to enjoy our life during the entire day. For that is the best if there is at least one street food fest  somewhere in the city.

This year it will be held on the Lánchíd street between 9am to 10pm and organized around the Hungarian dishes. Never better opportunity to taste goose liver, hurka-kolbász, lángos, pogácsa, halászlé, pacalpörkölt,


hurka-kolbász – Google Search

hungarian krumpli magyar pecsenye sausage sütnivaló savanyú káposzta ágyon rizses hurka recept kolbász sütése savanyú káposztával

Lángos – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lángos ( Hungarian pronunciation: ) is a typical Hungarian food. Today it is a deep fried flatbread, but in the past it was made of the last bits of the bread-dough and baked at the front of the brick or clay oven, to be served hot as the breakfast of the bread-baking day.


Fisherman’s soup – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fisherman’s soup or halászlé ( Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈhɒlaːsleː]) is a hot, spicy paprika-based fish soup. A folk item of Hungarian cuisine, it is a bright-red hot dish prepared with generous amounts of hot paprika and carp or mixed river fish.

Pörkölt – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pörkölt is a meat stew which originates from Hungary, but is eaten throughout Central Europe. Pörkölt is a Hungarian stew with boneless meat, paprika, and some vegetables.




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